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I was inspired to write about my typical day as a part-time blogger/virtual assistant after reading a post from Kristen Larsen. I work a full-time job, mom to two kids while trying to blog and build my virtual assistant business. I work nights from 3-11 and try to get as much done as I can during the day.

In addition to side hustling, I’m also still working on learning as much as I can to grow as a blogger and virtual assistant. I try to spend at least two hours a day on actual work stuff and maybe at least ½ to 1 hour of learning. If I’m at work I will use my lunch break to watch a training video while I have my dinner.

Our Busy Mornings

Before the kids get up, I’m up and getting my husband ready for his day at work. In between I’ll have my breakfast and coffee (usually it’s pop tarts since it’s quick, easy and I can carry it with me as I move)

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but my days are pretty busy. I have a 7-year-old who goes to school and my 4-year-old who is usually with me. We have a morning routine so that I can get my kiddo off to school on time. I’ve added an additional 30 minutes to our morning since our van is having issues, we have been walking to school. If my husband is home, I can take our truck while he stays with our daughter.

My Day Starts off Like This

6 am: My alarm goes but often I don’t get out of bed til 615am

630am-830am: Iron hubby’s work clothes, pack his lunch and water.

  • Kids are up, get their breakfast
  • Pack my son’s lunch, water bottle, make sure he has backpack ready
  • Kids get dressed
  • Make my coffee and breakfast (sometimes it’s in between getting the kids breakfast or my son’s lunch for school)
  • Get dressed
  • Out the door and on the way to school (on Thursdays I help out in my son’s class for at least an hour)


915am-930am: Home from school, rest for 15 minutes

930am-10am: Snack with my 4-year-old

10am-12 noon: Work on blog, upload content to Facebook if need be, client work. (I will sometimes fit in 30 minutes learning time)

12pm-1230pm: Lunch

1230pm-130pm: Spend time with my daughter

130pm-2:15pm: Get ready for work

2:15pm-245pm: Head downstairs to the car and leave to pick up my son, then meet hubby to trade cars so that he can take the kids home and I head off to work

3pm-11pm: Work at my full-time job

111:15 pm Home from work

11:15pm-1230am: Client work

1230am: Bed Time

My days off are usually the same unless we have a doctor appointment to go to or if it’s Wednesday then my son has his martial arts class that he goes to. We also go to the park after his class, then home for dinner and homework.


1245pm-115pm: Leave to pick up my son from school

1:15pm-2:15pm: Enjoy a little downtime or help my son with homework

2:15pm-3pm: Get my son’s clothes ready for his Martial Arts class, water bottles and extra clothes.

3:10pm: Leave for Martial Arts class

3:30pm-4:20pm: Sometimes I will work on my schedule or read a blog, but often I will watch  Tanis in his class

430-6pm: Park with the kids

6:15pm-7pm: Homework Time, make dinner

7pm-8pm: Kids shower, get ready for bed

Sometimes I feel as if I’m just running on a half tank of gas and that my life seems busy and hectic! I know some entrepreneurs will get up earlier in the morning but for me, it’s a little difficult. I’m not a morning person but I do stay up to 1 am to get work done. Unless I fall asleep with the kids!

Every now and then I will feel the exhaustion weigh on me and I find myself zoning out. My life seems so hectic because I’m trying to do a lot of things at once. I’m glad to have a full-time job while I’m building my business, we still struggle but that is one of the driving forces that keep me going. I can often be a bit of a procrastinator and sometimes don’t plan things well, but I try to utilize Trello to keep me on the right path.

What’s Next?

I’m constantly tweaking my schedule to be able to fit in the different aspects of my life. Sometimes I fall off the path but I get myself back on asap! I hope to allow more time to reading other blogs and commenting back. I am active in the Facebook community and enjoy learning from entrepreneurs.

I am curious to see how much will have changed in a few months when I revisit this post. Every day I am growing as a blogger/virtual assistant and learning so much from others. I plan to work from home at least 50% of the time and only committing to a few hours a week at my day job.


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