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Valentine Gift Idea for my son’s class

Ok so I know Valentine’s Day was last weekend but I wanted to post the treats my son shared with his class. He handed them all out on his own since myself and my husband were unable to be there. I was so bummed I had to work but proud that he was a big boy!

I love trying to be fun and creative in coming up with ideas whenever my son has a class party or friends birthday. I find it fun and I simply enjoy it. I originally planned to use the idea of bubble blowers and lollipops that I saw in a pin on Pinterest called “You Blow Me Away by Sheena of “Little LDS Ideas”. A few days prior I picked up lollipop treats to give to his classmates and I found that it was lacking something. I wanted to add more to it.

tropical-bubble-bottles~34_1916                     lifesaver lollipop


I decided to do my own version of what Sheena had created, it was just what I was looking for. Since I already had the lollipops, all I needed were the bubble blowers and some kind of bag to put them in. I thought maybe Ziploc bags would work, simple and affordable. I went to Target because I was hoping they would have what I needed, and I didn’t really want to go to Walmart too. I wasn’t able to find everything I needed for the Bubble Valentine treat bag, so I  had to come up with a different game plan. With the foundation laid in place I was able to quickly come up with an alternative treat bag.

I found cheap treat bags,  little m&m bags, stickers for boys and girls, pencils…score! It was cute, simple and best of affordable. I spent at least $25 total on the goodie bags, not bad I would say and I got to help my son with something fun to give his classmates…..take a look at the final product!

tw vday class gift

It was also quick and fun to do, my daughter kept trying to eat the m&ms so I had to move fast! In the end my son was able to hand out something to his friends.




Let’s Get Organized! 5 Tips to a more organized you

Lifes more fun when you're organized



Who doesn’t feel the need to bring a little bit of organization to their life of perhaps disorganization. As I begin this journey to becoming a freelance writer, I feel the urge to be more organized. Besides, I think it will help me from going insane! I tend to write notes in random places and toss items in the nearest spot.  Things don’t really have a home and have a habit of just ending up somewhere.

Keep thing simple!

Don’t overthink and make the process more complicated, find a system that works and keep it simple!

Choosing your task or to do list

First start by choosing an easy to use task list or to do list that you can work with. Whether it’s an app that can sync with your phone or a simple sheet of paper, choose a method that works for you and stick with it. I like to be able to have access to my list, whether it’s home or while I’m out and about. I have a Tasks N To Do List app on my phone which also syncs with my google calendar, here I can add any task and check them off as I go. The app allows me to keep up with my schedules as well as my family’s, since I’m the coordinator for us all. I also use a sheet of paper that is split into 3 main sections: Today (must be done today!), Notes and a To Do Sections (a place to write things that must be done but not necessarily right away). In my Today section I have that split into 3 smaller sections: Me (things for me personally), CatKWilson (my blog), and Kids (especially since my oldest is now in Kindergarten). I carry this list with me everywhere I go so that I can add to it at any time. At home I have a dry erase calendar to write important notes or events, each family member has their own color marker. I thought of having a board where I use post it notes to write our tasks but it felt like a little too much and I’m trying to keep it organized and simple.

A White Binder

I’ve decided to use a two white binders, one as my personal and one as our family command central binder. In my binder I have sections for my daily, weekly and monthly tasks that need to be completed. I also have a section to write any notes or reminders that I need to know or remember later.  I have a simple calendar that I use so that I can say the days and months of the year to help with future  planning, this information gets transferred to my wall calendar. At first I was going to have just one binder but I needed a take with me binder where I can put my daily tasks.  It seems crazy to have to but in my weird mind it works! I also keep it clutter free of any unnecessary paper so that it says light weight and I can easily carry it along. Our family binder holds important papers for each of us, contacts, household chores.

A Place for everything

Spend at least 15 minutes everyday putting away items or papers in their appropriate homes, even if it’s just sorting the day’s laundry. Keep your things in their correct homes will help keep your life organized. Make your storage spaces easily accessible for the items that you will need constant access to and labeled these spaces accordingly. Start by choosing one particular area of your home and organize it. Group together items that are loose or scattered throughout your home, find or make a home for these items.  For instance, keep homework materials such as pencils or erasers together in a pencil box or drawer. Items that are rarely used can be stored out of sight but close by.

Write Everything Down

Here’s also where my white binder comes in handy, in my notes section I can write down any important notes that I will need for later. I find it’s always helpful to have a notes section in one place. In the past I’d write notes on post its and stick them in random places in my calendar. Don’t make life more crazy by trying to remember everything in your head, make it easier by writing down even the smallest task.

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Beginning the Journey…


Aloha and welcome to My Journey to Paradise!  My name is Cat, I’m a thirty-something wife and mother living on the beautiful of Maui, Hawaii!

The beginning….

I’m constantly multi-tasking with mommy and wife duties, work and just life in general, so much that when I’m not so crazy busy I feel a little lost!  I’ve always dreamed of being able to work from home and be free of the typical day job.  Within the last two years I faced almost being laid off twice, the first time I was pregnant with my daughter and feeling stressed with the unknown.  Then not a year later the same thing happened again but thankfully I was once again able to transfer to a different location within the company.  But that unknown as like a trigger switch to get on the ball about securing my future on my own.  Things never really got off the ground due to my own procrastination and just really not knowing where to start.  With my oldest entering kindergarten in the fall and my little girl growing up fast, it really started to hit me that I wanted to be present in their daily lives and not watch them grow up from afar.  For my last job, I lived over 20 miles away and would have to leave almost two hours before my shift so that I wouldn’t run into traffic delays.  One day my son told me “mommy don’t go to work, stay with me”, that about broke my heart. I decided I needed to make a change and the first thing I did was accept a job that was closer to home, I didn’t want to work for another employer but at the time it was the best decision I could have made for my family.  

Making Changes…

In addition to changing job location, I decided I needed to figure out a way to secure our lives financially and not to rely solely on a job. I’ve gone through many different networking marketing ideas, business ideas, work at home ideas and the best one that seemed to fit was becoming a freelance writer.  I needed something where I could do as a side hustle and wouldn’t required getting a second job. I realize that even being a freelance writer would require sacrifices I felt it was one I could still be there for my kids.

One of the hardest things for me in deciding to become a freelance writer was settling on one niche and discovering what I was most passionate about.  I have an interest in many different things so it’s taking me time to figure out what it is.  I’m still learning and growing to find that niche and I want to share this with everyone.  I didn’t want that to be the reason I didn’t get started.  Not doing anything wouldn’t get me anywhere.  Writing this post I already feel confident that I will get to where I need to be.  I’ve decided to try Gina Horkey’s  30 Days or Less To Freelance Writing Success  to put me on the right path.  


This blog will serve as my platform as I share my journey to strive to create a better future or my paradise through freelance writing with tips and techniques that I learn along the way with others.  Having a great job and career is a wonderful thing but not something that you can soley depend on these days.  

I’m concerned that I have no idea what I’m doing and that it’ll be an epic fail but I would rather try and fail than not try at all.  If I want things to change I need to make changes and have the strength to make it happen.  I haven’t quite figured out what my niche is but through this blog and journey I will discover what my purpose is.  It may be a confused mess but through hard work it will all make sense.