How To Remain Positive When Life is Throwing You An Armful of Curveballs

Recently, my family and I have been going through a rough patch. I let our electric bill slide and now it’s putting us at risk of being evicted. For the first two days, I was really depressed and had a difficult time getting myself to get up. I just wanted to sleep and I was shutting down mentally.

What really brought me out of my funk was my son Tanis, and a conversation I had with a dear friend. Tanis was patient and kind because he knew even at a young age that his mom needed him. I have to say I have an awesome kid! Soon after I met up with a friend briefly who was going through a few things herself. It was so nice just to talk and be in the company of a wonderful person. She made me realize that I need to get my head out from my behind and do what the heck I need to do.

You Can’t Hide From Yourself

As a mom, you can’t hide from yourself because you have a family to think about. They need you as much as you need them. I’ve also been writing emails to myself anytime I feel down and it’s been helping to get things out. I’ve come to understand that I’m the one constant presence in my life and the importance of being in charge of me. One way to do that is to notice how I react emotionally when my thoughts begin to generate and how my emotions show up in my body when I do. For instance, does my emotions show up in an erect posture position, do I have a smile on my face or a clenched jaw.

What You Can Do to Think Positively

When I’m feeling good, I’m focusing on those positive thoughts and trying to keep the negative ones away. It’s hard sometimes and when it is I send an email out or even say a prayer. I’m not a religious person but I find that saying a prayer helps me to feel positive and another way to release all that bad energy.

It makes it hard to focus when I’m feeling negative and thinking a new thought helps me to think clearly and perform tasks. I repeat a positive mantra such as “It will be ok”  or “ I can do it” over and over until the thought has passed. I may say another mantra depending on what my mind is saying to me.

Our thoughts and the things we say can have all that we need to turn a bad mood into a good mood, change how we’re feeling and thinking. Just like anything else it takes time and training to make any sort of change. I know sometimes I still fail but I have this desire to keep myself thinking positive and to push forward.

If you let negative thoughts to overpower your mind you will be stuck right where you are. I didn’t believe in positive thinking and how it could change my mood. I was feeling very angry, bitter and just unhappy. It stemmed a lot from our current situation but I realize that I’ve closed myself off mentally from positive thoughts and just being open. I am in charge of myself and will only take good feelings with me.

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