Valentine Gift Idea for my son’s class

Ok so I know Valentine’s Day was last weekend but I wanted to post the treats my son shared with his class. He handed them all out on his own since myself and my husband were unable to be there. I was so bummed I had to work but proud that he was a big boy!

I love trying to be fun and creative in coming up with ideas whenever my son has a class party or friends birthday. I find it fun and I simply enjoy it. I originally planned to use the idea of bubble blowers and lollipops that I saw in a pin on Pinterest called “You Blow Me Away by Sheena of “Little LDS Ideas”. A few days prior I picked up lollipop treats to give to his classmates and I found that it was lacking something. I wanted to add more to it.

tropical-bubble-bottles~34_1916                     lifesaver lollipop


I decided to do my own version of what Sheena had created, it was just what I was looking for. Since I already had the lollipops, all I needed were the bubble blowers and some kind of bag to put them in. I thought maybe Ziploc bags would work, simple and affordable. I went to Target because I was hoping they would have what I needed, and I didn’t really want to go to Walmart too. I wasn’t able to find everything I needed for the Bubble Valentine treat bag, so I  had to come up with a different game plan. With the foundation laid in place I was able to quickly come up with an alternative treat bag.

I found cheap treat bags,  little m&m bags, stickers for boys and girls, pencils…score! It was cute, simple and best of affordable. I spent at least $25 total on the goodie bags, not bad I would say and I got to help my son with something fun to give his classmates…..take a look at the final product!

tw vday class gift

It was also quick and fun to do, my daughter kept trying to eat the m&ms so I had to move fast! In the end my son was able to hand out something to his friends.




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