Why I Love Trello and How It’s Helping Me To Get Organized!


Life can be a bit crazy, especially when you still have a day job, family and at the same time working on your side hustle. It can be a bit overwhelming and tasks may often be forgotten.  For me, I need to write things down as soon as I think about it or I will forget. I’m also a visual person and I like to see at a glance what tasks need to be done. Just like the saying goes “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” rings true for me.

Recently, I converted from my Daytime Planner to a Composition Book that I customize and tweak as I need to. In addition to that, I like to organize my tasks and appointments online as well. I use Google Calendars but in addition to that, I began to use Trello. Trello is an online tool that helps to organize your projects into boards. It tells you what’s being worked on and who’s working on it and also the stage the project is at.

One of the things I like about Trello is that its sort of an online notepad. I can draft a schedule and easily move tasks around as I need to. At first, I didn’t quite understand Trello so I searched on the web for more information and also took a training in The Savvy Tech Lab. Both have helped me to understand how to use Trello more.

Enter Trello

Trello is a task management software that uses the Kanban System to help you organize projects that you are working on. Kanban is a productivity system developed by Toyota to keep productions levels high, it actually means billboard or signboard.  Trello is well known for its sticky note type filled whiteboard.

Each individual sticky note is a representation of different tasks within a project such as your daily or weekly task list. I am able to see all inner “guts” of any project I’m currently working on in one place or page. It’s also possible to have multiple pages if necessary, such as in my case.

It’s flexible so that you’re able to easily organize projects or to do lists, it’s even easy to share with others. You make a board and add your lists to the board, add cards to the lists that contain the actual to do item. Each card can have members, due dates, attached files, as well as checklists.

I like to make lists of things I need to or hope to accomplish in a day or week. I would normally write things down in my notebook or planner of a task or a reminder to myself.  With Trello, I have my personal section where I have started doing a Daily To Do List. Everything that I can think of that needs to get done will go in the To Do List. Next, I have a card for tasks that take 10 minutes or less, 30 minutes or less, 1 hour or less, and lastly a card for tasks that will take more than an hour to complete.

I can drag items from the Daily To Do List to the card where I think it will fit best in. If I feel a task will take only 10 minutes to complete, that’s where I will drag and drop it. If I have 30 minutes to spare I can quickly look at what’s on my cards and complete that task.

I like to keep everything in one place if possible, it can get frustrating to look in different places for things that need to be done. Because I have my freelance hustle and a full-time job I am still in need of using separate google calendars but I can track tasks for both in Trello.

It’s still a work in progress but for the time being, it seems to be working, with planners costing up to $75 or more this free task management system could completely replace them. Only time will tell.

How about we all get organized together!



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